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Judi Sanders

The Performing Professional!

This full time Registered Nurse has been performing since she was five
years old living in Norfolk, Virginia. Her performances include participating
in plays in grade school, chorus performances as a Soprano at Granby
High School, and performing organ music in both high school and college.

After she recieved her Bachelor of Schience degree she was a diplomatic
member of the American Embassy in Jamaica. She was the Medical Director
of the United States Peace Corps and also established a school nurse
program for the American and British Embassies.

Judi has performed with the Rich-Tone Chorus, the Heart of Dallas Chorus
and is a current member of the Texas Harmony Chorus which is a member
of Sweet Adelines International. She has also performed with the Irving Opry,
the Garland Opry, and was part of the oopening act for Vince Vance and the
Valiants at the KAAM Sock Hop.

Judi has performed in various clubs across the country. Audience hasve
enjoyed her rendidtions of "Sweet Dreams" by Patsy Cline, "Superstar" by
the Carpenters, and "I've Got a Crush on You" by Linda Rhonstat.

Judi loves performing and her enjoyment of singing is contagious!
Audiences agree that Judi's vocal talent is one of the best they have ever
experienced. No matter what style of music she sings she can make the
songs sound vibrant, fresh and new.

This exciting and dedicated performer would enjoy being part of your next
production. She will make it the most enjoyable one your audience has ever

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